Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple as it shock everyone around world!

You sure know who is Steve Jobs? Last time, he co-founded with his colleagues to make new company, Apple because first time, they created new personal computer, Macintosh. Since Apple faced some challenges from another companies, it is very tough life for him since he lost and resigned from Apple company. He founded NeXT, a computer platform development company. Then, Apple bought back him as CEO from 1997 until 2011. Steve Jobs also lead Apple and Pixar Animation.

You all sure know about Steve Jobs is genius and always thinking so very creative and simple to make an unqiue innovation as Apple! Today, he can no longer handle the job as CEO, due his reason is reason is his poor health but he will continue to play a leadership role to see how's Apple in future!

Don't worry! Apple chooses the chief operating officer Tim Cook as Steve Jobs's successor because he is a right man of Steve Jobs, they always trust each other and Tim Cook manages his job so very well during Steve Jobs always took medical leave.

Read Apple's Letter from Steve Jobs at

Many Deaf Malaysians really like Apple because it is very cool and simple, such as iPad, and iPhone! It really attractted Deaf Malaysian buy it because Deafs always talk many many about iPhone and iPad only, until this topic sure can spread to us!

Thumb up to Steve Jobs because he is really CREATIVE GENIUS!

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