Review: Maple Story Adventures on Facebook

Maple Story is very most famous online property the massively-multiplayer online role-playing game in Korea, but it is very a hit in Malaysia too! Last time, I studied in MMU and enjoyed to play Maple Story with my roommates! Why this game attracted me? Because Maple Story is very cute game that allow the character can choose one of some classes; Archer, Magician, Rogue, Warrior, Pirate, Cygnus Knights and Hero. They always use different of amazing skills! It is similar with Ragnarok Online.

It make me impressed when MapleStory Adventures come to the Facebook! Cool! I saw my youngest sister always play Maple Story Adventures in Facebook! The monsters are very cute! I asked her to invite me to play too!

This game, MapleStory Adventures still is beta testing. You can join in the Maple Story on Facebook if you interested to play! When you started this game, you have to choice between two classes, Magician or Warrior. With my experience to play Maple Story, Warrior uses up close attacks, also known as Melee attacks. The Warrior blocks more enemy attacks, but also gets hit more. And Magician uses distanced attacks, also known as Missile attacks or Spells. The Magician does not get hit as much if you attack enemies from a distance, but if the Magician is close to an enemy, he/she cannot block many enemy attacks.

It allow you can choose female or male, and change your character as you like before you start to play. You always can equip your clothes which the monster left for you or you will buy new clothes from the shops.

Do not worry, this game is very easy and not let you die so fast. The monsters are not very active and not angry... Haha! Last time, I always play as Knight, Archer and Magician in Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game so, it is very hard to level up because some monsters keep to come once I hit it! Luckily, my friends help me to fight together when we busy to level up. I remembered that my level reached 90+ already so, it is fast to gain more exps because we want to kill big bosses only.

I chose Magician because I want to see how its good skills or not when I used magic skills; Fire, Bolt, Claw, Ice, and many... It allow you can equip skills that you like to use for your character. It can level up with used the coins so, it is not hard. How you get more coins? You have to kill the monsters to gain more coins and exp to level up only. See my character keep to busy kill cute monsters below;

You can hire your friends to help you to kill monsters together, especially, for big bosses. It's better way to defeat stronger boss monsters with your friend. Additional monetization comes from virtual items like keys to open treasure chests and scrolls for skill improvements though, like energy refills, these items can be gifted between friends. You will get some quests to complete your tasks. It is very easy to pick up the material after you kill some only.

There are also Pets to adopt, which will help you out on your journeys, also skill improving through learning, and the possibility of crafting items. Crafting allows you to convert items into other items, like magic stones into money or food ingredients to make delicious food.

The game world is really HUGE, with tons of stages and places to explore, ensuring a great longevity of play time. Furthermore the game is built in a way to please both younger players and older ones, it is nice a enjoyable to play. Maybe it take me to level up until 99 if I want to explore more... It reminded me about Ragnarok Online!

MapleStory Adventures is definitely a fantastic game make you kids enjoy to play! I am sure that it will become a very popular game! But, I really want the classes like Archer, Thief, and etc to be add in this game. See the trailer below;

Rating: 4 out of 5

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