Movie Review: Harry Potter Death Hallows Part 2

Last week, my sis and I watched last movie, Harry Potter - Death Hallows Part 2! I felt that Harry Potter, and his best friends are growing up and tried to be strong since we saw movie Part 1.

Before this movie, I love to read all books - Harry Potter! Many teenagers and kids don't want to miss this last movie as they want to say good bye to Harry Potter...Haha!

When they started to find the something to weaken Voldemort, they learned much about some reasons; Voldemort is a gifted boy wizard, Tom Riddle, why headmaster, Albus Dumbledore bring him to Hogwarts, what make Harry's parent killed and much... So, he faces more darkness in his journey, he always be protected by everyone, include his best friends!

Wow, like a war between good and evil wizards in the Hogwarts school on first time! I believe that Professor McGonagall will be one of strongest of headmasters who swear to protect the Hogwarts students after the death of Professor Albus Dumbledore. It's sad about more seniors killed when they are fighting with the evils.

But, Hogwarts students, friends and Professors still believe in Harry Potter when he is not at side with them. I like Neville's brave speech to inspire everyone in Hogwarts! Wow, Neville is really weak guy but, he is brave! Neville also is not strong, and brilliant like Harry and Hermione, but he always lead everyone in Hogwarts so bravely while Harry, Ron and Hermione are busy on the journey to find the clues at outside... So, Neville's leadership is good since he want to help everyone when Hogwarts are in the hand of Lord Voldemort

Maybe you think that Harry Potter is a hero to save mankind but, he is not hero, just be normal teenager. Harry, and his friends tried to do their best to support each other. They never questioned or blame on Harry Potter while they faces the worst situation because they believe in him, his best friends too. About the scenes about a duel between Molly Weasley and Bellatrix make me like Molly because she is funny, SUPER MOM! :P

I think that Professor Snape's story is very pitiful... He have to live in his own of choice to the darkness path because he wants to protect his loved's treasure from Lord Voldemort... Many students, Professors and everyone hated Snape because they thought that he is very loyal to Lord Voldemort. But, Albus always believed in Professor Snape because he knows him so very well. That's why Albus and Snape's plan secret to make Harry walks to his Death. Why? You will know this!

Snape and Harry's mother are best friends, that what Snape regret about not protect his best friend while Lord Voldemort attacked Harry's parent. So, Snape's memories led Harry Potter to understand the truth about why Harry must be died.... I think that Snape's tear in his heart...It make us wow...

Harry Potter and his friends must not give up until Lord Voldemort lost! You better to watch this movie before Harry Potter will to be seal for long time...!

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suarakomputer said…
this story very best...i like it....
Selina Wing said…
Yeah! We say good bye to Harry potter - magical world... sad! :P