Movie Review: Captain America - The First Avenger

Since I won 2 tickets from Baskin Robbins at 1 utama, I am watching this movie with using 3D glasses. i think it is really cool! I feel go in a World War 2! The soldiers are suffered when they are injured during the world war 2... They always fighting for their freedom country, America. I am shocked when I see Steve's body is very small and thin... I am sure that this is not real. Hahaha. The soldiers and a hero always support each other when they are working together during a war.

Nevermind, we got to learn about how he can become a hero, Captain America and why he wants to do a very dangerous mission? He wants to protect everyone from a war. I think that they focus to kill a superhuman - evil villain because Captain America also is superhuman too. But, I don't like much shooting, fighting, and used the weapons so much in this movie. It make me confuse but, I feel it is nice story. His costume keep to be change a bit.

I also like about Captain America can throw a shield to hit some enemies so it is cool. I want him to throw shield again again! But he is not like superman. He maybe is same level as Batman. :)If he compared with Ironman and Thor, maybe Ironman and Thor are greater than him?

Rating: 3 out of 5

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