LivingSocial - success to gain some money when they compared with Groupon in Malaysia

Last time, you know about Groupon Malaysia is very popular for everyone in Malaysia because they got many members registered on Groupon Malaysia to buy the discount deals before according to the LivingSocial, gained some customers to buy many from their deals, compared with Groupon also got Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor. They introduced new place, Kedah too, that maybe they will promote to more deals to new states!

Last time, Ticket Monster, shopping online company from South Korea interested in so they take over this before Living Social buy Korean's Ticket Monster. Today, Living Social like to make some changes through since they are interested in the market Malaysia.

"The No. 1 group buying site in Malaysia is supposedly Everyday. It's almots 50% bigger than Groupon in revenue. Mydeal and Milkadeal are 3 and 4." - by Timothy Tiah, Twitter.


1. Everyday

2. Groupon Malaysia

3. Mydeal

4. Milkadeal

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