Miss Deaf Malaysia joined in Miss Deaf International Pageant 2011 on first time!

The 2nd Miss Deaf International Pageant 2011 is coming on this year 2011! They emailed the President of Miss Deaf Malaysia and committees before. Last year, we are looking for one suitable to be Miss Deaf Malaysia. For us, it not easy to find some ladies from all states of Malaysia! We also be proud with Miss Deaf Malaysia when she represent our country to show, "Deaf Malaysia boleh!

Source by Miss Deaf
International 2011
We Deaf Malaysians really are very happy when Miss Deaf Malaysia agreed to take part in the Miss Deaf International Pageant Competition on this year 2011! She is very gorgeous and brave girl! You all sure curious who are her? You will know her soon..! Be patient! You better to watch the video and read more information from Miss Deaf International website!

There are 23 Deaf Contestants came from US, Bolivia, Cameroon, China, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Jamaica, Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, India, Mongolia, Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, France, and MALAYSIA!

from Gungaa Tuvshin on Vimeo.

It will  will take place in July 2011. Also, the 1st Deaf International Festival event will be start from July 14 till July 16  for the first time! They will announce their ceremony soon! Check out at the preliminaries and finale timetable on Miss Deaf International website - If you want to experience the amazing of Deaf International Festival event or you can bring your family to see this event, you can buy tickets from them. Check out at

You can join in Miss Deaf Malaysia on Facebook if you want to support Miss Deaf Malaysia 2011! Or you join in Deaf Boleh! Malaysia group. This group also open to all Deaf and Hearing who interested in Deaf Culture Malaysia! We welcome you all~

We will inform you all when we get new updates from Miss Deaf International Pageant! Please give your support to our Miss Deaf Malaysia 2011!

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