Google vs Facebook [Infographic]

A famous of social networking, Facebook will faces new challenge with Google is a giant of search engine! Google launched new Google+ Project for the social networking services!
I am invited by to explore what are inside the Google+. I am interested with "Circles" in Google+ because this is very simple to create new social circles for your friends or family or bloggers. You can drag and drop a an avatar of picture with the names into the circles so easily! I like it.

See my screens about Google+ and Facebook:

 The Profile Google+ more like Facebook profile. But, there are new feature, hangout like google talk...It allows you do group chat - up to 10 people. For example, 2 friends and me can chat together via hangout (video calling) at same time!

Some features in Google+ and Facebook are almost same; post status, view photos by friends, and share the places.

For me, Google+ is very simple and...boring. Nothing to do in Google+ but, I really hope Google add Blogger and mobile or social games applications into Google+...maybe it will be better than Facebook?


You want to try Google+ Plus? I can invite you into Google+! Please post your name and gmail account only at the comment here.

Or you enjoy to choose which is one you like! Check out the Like vs Plus!

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suarakomputer said…
google very good , fast....good bye FB...hihihi