Gmail's new look match with Google+ theme!

Today, Google has released a preview of what the real new Gmail will look like Google+!

You want to know what is new inside Gmail? Better go to your gmail and check your theme setting now!

I also heard the rumoar about the Google homepage, Gmail and other Google applications will get new looks soon because Google+ project! Google did a test preview for Gmail 1st.

My gmail screenshots adopted new theme, Google+ minimalist, red and gray aesthetic so it looks very simple and clear! Google also added the google search for an inbox or the web. The user-interface design are very easy to do the email.

Easy to change your theme. Please go to the Gmail Settings, click over to the Themes tab and choose “Preview” or “Preview (Dense)” as your theme to try this yourself. Google has provided two themes because the users choose your screen sizes; small or larger, depends on what you can see your gmail so clearer.

When we are in the inbox, we can see "People" refer to your friends's chat with the profile photo or can add the calendar if you have plan with your friends, so it is cool!

You can try to adopt new theme in your own gmail!

More information about Google+ wikipedia.

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gmail is email very fast..i like it...