Tips on protecting your Facebook account

I am shocked when my Deaf friends got affected with the Fake Facebook Profiles or hacked by others when they access their Facebook account. For example, an impostor steal their profile photo and details of information, then make new account to add new friends.

 It is dangerous, so you should not add the strangers in your Facebook. You must be aware with your friends when you add your real or fake friends on everytime. And you should not click on the affected of applications on your news feed at Facebook. Check out more info about "You should protect yourself from the Facebook Scams" - it helped you to avoid the scam words in Facebook.

If someone want to be pretend to close with you in Facebook, you must never give the password, addrease, handphone number, birthday date, and not believe what they say in message facebook. Because they easy to target the victims is in Facebook, popular of social networking website.

 Sure, Deaf friends always questioned why and what is happening to their account Facebook? They don't do wrong things and not understand it. I will give some reasons about...

Why impostor steal your profile and information in Facebook?
  • You never login in 2 or 3 months or... long time. Or never chat with your friends. It's easy to be their target to create new account with fake profile.
  • You never play the games application or update your status on everyday. Same as the impostor don't have time to play.
  • You reveal your real information at your profile account.
  • You click the link from Facebook in your email. 
Things you will need for your account on Facebook
  • Change your privacy account setting.
  • You must change your new username.
  • Make new password on every 4 or 6 months.
  • Put a strong & long password (You not should use your birth date and your name or pet's or house/car's number or easy password)
  • You must change privacy on your Facebook Albums 
How you identify a fake profiles on Facebook?    
  • You must check the suspicious of profiles before you add new friend. For example, a picture profile -maybe ugly, or blur and too a beautiful or sexy, or cartoon and handsome guy attract you! Haha.
  • Search your name in Facebook if there is a profile picture, same as you!
  • Must check on their Friends List. If they have less than 2 or 6 friends, or have alot of hot girls or guys! Haha! Maybe you should not add them.
  • Check their Status Updates. Most fake profile’s status updates won’t get comments or likes. Just empty only.  They may also joke or share fake websites.
If you find out someone has create a fake Facebook profile in your name while you search on Facebook, you should message your friends not to add someone as you, and you click "Report Page" at an impostor's profile. Finally, you must report to Facebook "Imposter Profile" Page at

We want to protect you from predators out there who steal other people’s pictures and identities, add a fake name and pretend like they are someone else on Facebook. Beware of Fake Facebook Profiles!

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Davey said…
it is recommended to set all your account settings to private, and really don't accept friendships that you don't know. I accidently befriended someone who i thought i knew, but it turned out to be a spam page and next thing i knew i was sending out messages to everyone i knew about viagra.
Selina Wing said…
Yeah, Davey is right. Be careful when you accept the requests from friends! :D