Movie Review: Kungfu Panda 2

Kungfu Panda 2 is back!! My grandma and sister are very happy when I told them that we are going to watch this movie! I thought all kids love Panda movie, but there are the adults also love to watch cute animation movie too! I really love to see cute 'real Panda' since I was small. Now, they are doing new cute animation 3D Panda for Kungfu Panda 2 again as everyone sure love it.

In this movie, Po and five warriors must save the world and China, from the evil domination plans of the albino peacock, Lord Shen. Although they still show their amazing kungfu when they are against the evil peacock and wolfs! Po who is a friendly panda must find internal peace and come to figure out about how and why Po are last survivor of panda in China.

Kungfu Panda 2 delivers more heart and laughs than Kungfu Panda 1 movie. It is very better since they get improved! Wow, they used many creative ideas, such as do a very beautiful peacock, designing 2D & 3D of the landscape in China, using lion dance to fight with wolfs, a new magic weapon, many actions when they fight with enemies, and many! I really love to see the different of expression from Po because Po is very cute and funny! He is really weird, but he is genius? He always get success when he gives the plans before Po and his friends fight with enemies! 

It's very good for Po and his friends always help each other while they are fighting! It's their teamwork, must depends on their friendship; must not give up, always encourage your friends, trust and believe in you! Especially Tigress and Po. Maybe they are best friend! They never wish to kill an evil peacock for their revenge. They just want to save China only. So, it give a very good lessons to kids.

The most touching scenes are the show of love between the noodle-hawking goose, Mr Ping and his adopted son Po who is really cute and he managed to remembered his past about the enemy who killed his parents and all the other pandas. It make me sad about a cute panda- mother get to be killed early after she hides Po in a merchant's box in ship. That make us must protect real panda in China!

We're sure to see more tales of Master Po still mastering martial arts, and learning to cook how with used the woks with his adopted dad. And maybe his real dad will join in next movie, Kungfu Panda 3! And we hope that Master Po will meet new girl?

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