Free Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide E-book for Beginners

I got a free ebook, Google SEO Starter Guide which published by Google, that you can learn more about Google’s expectation from your blog. It help to improve to do better in the search engine rankings, or identifying keyword opportunities. You can check the tips on SEO while you search in google!

This easy-to-read 32 page e-book outlines basic SEO knowledge, and for professionals paints a clear picture of what is, and is not, important to optimize for Google search.

The Google SEO Starter Guide is a beginner's guide to the basics of Search Engine Optimization with the guide with more content and examples. A Cute Googlebot also guides you with some more SEO tips too.
  • SEO Basics
  • Create unique, accurate page titles
  • Make use of the “description” meta tag
    Google Bot
    • Improving Site Structure
    • Improve the structure of your URLs
    • Make your site easier to navigate
    • Optimizing Content
    • Offer quality content and services
    • Write better anchor text
    • Optimize your use of images
    • Use heading tags appropriately
    • Dealing with Crawlers
    • Make effective use of robots.txt
    • Be aware of rel=”nofollow” for links
    • SEO for Mobile Phones
    • Notify Google of mobile sites
    • Guide mobile users accurately
    • Promotions and Analysis
    • Promote your website in the right ways
    • Make use of free webmaster tools
    It is very interesting e-book to make you learn to be better when you improve your own blog!

    You should spend time on keyword research and finding the most popular of keywords before you start your blog. You also must check the information and gain more ideas while you are writing in Blogger.

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    That's definitely good for beginners. That e-book is really great.

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