Career Planning & Money Management Workshop for Deaf Community Malaysia!

Why we do a workshop for Deaf Community Malaysia?
Our Malaysians lead fast lifestyles today, leading to easy spending habits, without planning financially for their future. Although this is fun and exciting, it can be detrimental as we are using credit cards to spend. Many young people have been declared bankrupt as they have lived beyond their means.

This has led to a point of developing an overspending behavior or it could lead to addictive habitual behaviors such as going out with Deaf friends to shop without caution, dine expensively at the restaurants, and buying gadgets which are not a necessity.

In future, you want to achieve your own dreams or save your money for wise investments which can enhance your financial status, and you can lead a happier and better lives. Perhaps, you can buy a beautiful house for your own family and support your children’s education without owing it to anyone.

Carol Yip will provide you with an understanding on what are you going to face in the future to achieve your financial goals - success, career or life achievements . It makes you aware of the importance of managing money! Interested to join in the workshop? Check this poster below!

This workshop is specially designed for young adults to help them discover the impact of money on their career choices and their preparation for life in the adult world.
Participants will be taught the importance of developing a philosophy of life, based on values critical to themselves. They will then learn the skills of achieving their hope and dreams using their SMART financial goals.
To shape mindset of the young adult towards financial success, the program uses practical techniques and concepts. They will not only gain the skills needed to succeed in their financial plans, but also increase their confidence in their own ability to succeed in meeting their life goals. Source:
Hope to see you there!

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*For Deaf Malaysian residents only.

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