Selina's Wing get a New Look!

New theme (2011)
My old theme are 3 years ago! It have black and dark blue but, it always get messy. I want to improve my blog to become better. So, I make new look design on Selina's Wing. I prefer the theme are simple and clear. All are white and blue only. :) 

I introduced new features, such as saving the energy mode. Eg. when you leave my blog for a while, my blog will be switch off by itself! My categories used the cute icons, then it make you recognize this so easily. It still get old image sliders until now. I will find the better sliders to replace this.

Hope you like my theme, Selina's Wing. If you have any question for me or help me to improve my theme, please feel free to contact here. Thank you!

Old theme (2008 - 2010)

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