How to Vote Selina's Wing as your favorite Blogger of the Year 2011 in Malaysia?

Digi WWWOW Awards organised very a great competition which is allow the bloggers, professionals, teachers, youths and many can submit their blog or website. It is really great effect to attract you all vote and join in the Digi WWWOW Awards, Malaysia!

Now, Selina's Wing are in the category of "Blogger of the Year" because I aim to become 1st Deaf Blogger in Malaysia on first time! Many hearing bloggers also can do! As Deaf blogger, I want to do too!

If you are from another country or local Malaysian, you allow to vote my blog in Malaysia!

How to vote?

1. Click the link below:

2. Please click 'Login / Register with Facebook' to vote my blog. You must have an account of Facebook.

3. When you click 'Login / Register with Facebook', you will see a pop-up about "Allow Digi Wwwow Awards" on your facebook account. You click "Allow".

4. Enter the captcha then click 'Vote'. Complete!

It's easy! If you are in the oversea or Malaysia, you still can vote my blog -

Thank you for your support! Your vote can make me to become 1st Deaf Blogger if I get a chance of winning the Digi WWWow Awards!

Again, thank you very much because you all always visit my blog on everyday. I am very happy when you all like my blog!

*Please promote my link if you like my blog! ;)

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