Greenpeace gets Facebook Unfriend Coal

Everyone always remembered about the Earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear power plants hit the Japan in 11 March 2011 that make them to get a lesson from the Japanese crisis and take action on Green Earth because they don't want the next generation will suffer in the future!

GreenPeace decided to call on Facebook to power its new data center with renewable energy because Facebook is most of social networking which used by more than 500 million users who log on everyday! Facebook make everyone change and more companies' business also depends on Google and social networking, such as MySpace, Twitter and many. That is why we always connected each other in world and GreenPeace aim to increase our awareness with Green Earth Day.

Some 98,500 Facebook users to "like" on Unfriend Coal, GreenPeace Facebook. If you did to click "like", mean your Facebook profile is powered by 100% renewable energy! Good? You all have to make Unfriend Coal campaign become reality if you want!

 GreenPeace is calling on Facebook to:     
1. Increase the use of clean energy to make Facebook coal-free     
2. Develop a plan to make Facebook coal-free by 2021     
3. Educate its users about how Facebook powers its services and its carbon footprint     
4. Advocate for clean energy at a local, national and international level

They aimed to get 600,000 people have joined in the call to get the social network to switch to renewable energy sources to power the company’s data centers before 22 April 2011. Let's support the Unfriend Coal, GreenPeace Facebook.

You see the youtube: Friend Unfriend Coal that show the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to use electricity generated by coal power plants to power Facebook’s Oregen based data centre, or unfriend the coal power plants? Green peace has produced this great fun video urging him to reconsider his choice. They did very good job to make the video about Facebook Unfriend Coal.

To find out  the campaign on  to get Facebook to run on clean, safe, renewable energy!

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