DONA is a donation-soliciting robot who begs for money

Last time, I always visit the Yanko Design website because it got a lot of interesting products which delivered by the students and designers. Their idea are very creative and...impossible! So, this is one of my favorite blogs. It helped me to think new idea to do my own project. First time, I heard about the DONA, robot begger in the Yanko Design website, I really like a cute robot, DONA because it is a kid robot!

It can interact the passers-by by engaging them, like a pet-like interaction...So, they cannot refuse and keep to give the coins to DONA. It will be happy and thank to them after they drop a coin in a can. But, many kids really attract to a cute robot, DONA . I am sure that the kids will ask for the parent to buy a small robot in future? :P

DONA succeeds to attract the attention of passers-by, and also succeed to raise money for "Save the Children", a well-known international aid organization.

DONA creation by a designer: Min Su Kim

See this youtube below;

Source: Yanko Design website

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