Advertisement is getting New User Inferface in 2011!

Blogger is 11 years old already. I remembered to start my blog, Selina's Wing in 5 years ago.  I not always blogging, but, my traffic increased on every year! Many friends love to read my blog, Selina's Wing . Thank you! :D

In 2011, Google want to introduce new user interface to attract more users into the so, it looks cool, simple and friendly interfaces. There are some features, such as template designer, real-time stats, comment spam filtering, mobile templates, web fonts and were rated the most reliable blogging service of all time.

 In my old dashboard, there are two colors; blue, orange and white only. It looks very easy to edit the blogs and check stats or read your favorite blogs. So, Google want to change new looks and improved so better.

This is new Dashboard

And new Post Editor

I think that this is very better than old post editor because it is very clear and easy to see where to set the labels, location and options.

Content Discovery

The content discovery feature lets you uncover interesting and related content based on the topics of the blog you’re currently reading. First time, I see new discovery about the related posts and media which allowed to see what's happening or can share the blog in the navigation bar from

Check out the blogger's video to see examples of some of the new features in action.

Google announced only 3 new features, such as new dashboard, post editor, and content discovery but, I believe they will show more features which make you curious and interest in! It is amazing? :D

I don't know when Google will announce the will change into new...What do you think of new blogger's interface in 2011?

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