An Infographic: The Biggest Shift since the Industrial Revolution

Wow! A lot of people love to play with Facebook and Twitter on everyday! You love to google, watch youtube, and check email Yahoo!, right? Now, my mom and dad already learn the Facebook too. They also spend time to surf the internet on everyday, for especially they free only.

Social Media has changed all aspects of our lives being entertainment, information, education, business, and communication.

Every year, the number of internet users are increased in Malaysia. Why? The Social Media can help us stay connected with friends and colleagues. You can chat with your friends and family and share your plans. You can message via social networking or connecting with another friends such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster or MySpace.

I saw many Deaf love to vblog and blogging in their blog in US. I really enjoyed to watch DeafTV, and DeafNation! Deaf Malaysians are not similar with blogger and twitter but they enjoyed to play, and social with Deaf and Hearing friends in Facebook too.

You think that we will face the Internet Revolution in the future?

(Infographic by Derri Hasmi - link)

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