Movie Review: Mr & Mrs Incredible

Gazer Warrior and Aroma Woman play a couple with incredible powers, who retired in their past time. They were married and moved to their new village after they worked hard in a city. After few years, Gazer Warrior and Aroma Woman become normal human and hide their powers. Gazer Warrior become head of Rainbow Village. They become old couple and still think about want to start new family. One day, the government officials visited their village. They both get caught in a suspicious martial tournament that's to be held in their village.

Remember Mr & Mrs Incredible from West is about a family have a son, daughter and baby? They are going to save their dad in an island. Now, Hong Kong want to do new film "Mr & Mrs Incredible" so it is really different story related with romance only! For me, it is suitable for the couple who watch this movie because this is comedy romantic but, sometimes they looks stupid and always happy to help others.

Gazer Warrior is Superman?! He can't fly but he can use his deadly gaze, like his eyes can kill you! It's funny. Aroma Woman is very funny girl because she love to play and like to tease her husband on everytime... I think that Gazer Warrior is patient and always doing anything for her... In truth, he really scare her because she is strong than him! Haha...

Their costumes are ugly...because this is old costume used in the ancient china. Their fighting skills are easy because they are superhuman.

They learned the lesson about understanding and communication are very important in their life!

Rating: 3/5

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