Game Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

 Square Enix has officially announced new game, Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan! Final Fantasy XIII will be available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game promises a new story and a battle system that builds on those from FFXIII.
Wow, they make new story for Final Fantasy XIII-2 again! Like Final Fantasy X and X-2... I still playing Final Fantasy X-2 and XII.. Haha. So, I don't like long story FFXII, make me boring..but, it is really beautiful graphic and 3D buildings!

I am really surprised when I see a main character, Lighting is in new armored outfit in this trailer! I hope  that they make new different place in Final Fantasy XIII-2 because I am boring when exploring same places in FFX and FFX-2, but their battle system are different only.

See this trailer FFXIII-2,

The Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer will be officially available on the internet on 20 January 2011 while the others on 27 January 2011. If you are fan of FF, you can check out it! :)

My favorite is Final Fantasy VIII so I wish that they make new game for Final Fantasy VIII hehe...

Please visit the official site: Final Fantasy 13

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