Free Vouchers McDonald or Jusco from 1M Card!

First time you heard about 1M Card in Malaysia? 1M is a revolutionary Travel Card designed to maximize the experience of both Malaysian and foreign tourists in every way imaginable. If you are a traveler who love Malaysia, you can become 1M member and can get the rebates, special packages, card points and others when you used 1M card.

Good news! Affiliate Asia company make partnership with HB Lifestyle and Holiday Sdn Bhd owned the 1M Card company, they give away the FREE McDonald or RM 50 Jusco vouchers for the credit card holders in Malaysia!

You just fill the Credit Card application' at 1M Card website if you are credit card holder. After that, they will contact you when you confirmed to get the vouchers. Great? :D

You can click this adverstiement 1M Card below.

Apply for your credit card now!!

The birth of the 1M Card was inspired by the "1Malaysia" spirit introduced by Malaysia's Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, whose vision of National Unity and Ethnic Tolerance has been the driving force in the development and success of the Nation.
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