Movie Review: Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame is a special film that showcases martial arts and cleverly choreographed set-pieces. This story is about Detective Dee, a former police officer jailed in the prison. The phantom fire cases which happens mysteriously leads to a series of investigation during the period before the first female emperor of China claims her place in succession to the throne.

That is why Queen Wu makes the smart move of pardoning Dee, when the mysterious deaths of a series of loyal subjects threaten to delay the 690 A.D. inauguration of Empress Wu. First time, I heard a history about first female empress Wu who is the ruler of China during Tang dynasty?! Why no one tell this story in the history of China book? Read the Wikipedia: Wu Zetian. I don't know which it's true or not.

Detective Dee is a uniquely character like well-mannered forensic psychologist, very different in mentality and philosophy than techniques skills and science to lead the Sherlock Holmes to solve the cases. Because in Asia, chinese people also believe the legends and traditions. Sometimes they believe in the spirits. That is why Detective Dee need to investigate on the characters with used his psychologist's knowledge. For example, he always observes who knows what you're thinking, from your eyes, your breathing, the pauses in your speech, he could tell what you're withholding...I think that he used to read the criminal mind?

The lead actors are amazing when they are fighting with the enemies, the fights are inventive and fast-paced...Sometimes they use Matrix's effect to do it? I saw they use it a bit. In addition, they added the effective of speed and design. I think that the script is nice and tight. I surprised when this movie took 2 hours, like movie Lords of Ring! It's nice that they use more martial arts to fight when they come to end their case. You sure will be boring when the actors talk so much in the beginning story.

The landscape looks wonderful and its conspicuous use of CGI graphic, I sure. OMG! The prime minister - a deer can talk so very well like human?! I thought that a deer is god or what? You will see what will happen if Detective Dee and his friends are exploring the mystery places during his journey when they follow the lead of enemies! I don't like the actors always talk talk and don't do more actions, such as examine the clues, but I like their martial arts of fighting.

Rating: 3.5/5

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