Movie Review: Resident Evil Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth installment in the zombie-apocalypse franchise based on Capcom’s survival-horror video game series. The original Resident Evil film was a forgettable but enjoyable action-horror adaptation. The plot was convoluted but kept the focus tight, limited to a group of survivors as they escaped from a zombie-infested underground research facility. A twist at the end of the movie split the franchise from the video game source material – detonating the manageable focus into an over-the-top global apocalypse.

It is about Alice has gotten acquainted with her clones and now she’s making due on her promise to destroy the Umbrella Corporation, the company responsible for the creation of the T-virus, the substance that causes the infection. After devastating Umbrella’s underground Tokyo facility, the real Alice attempts to reunite with her friends from Extinction, Claire. They went to Los Angeles and they meet a group of survivors but, they trapped in the prison building! How they go out from that building?


When I started to watch this movie, I think it is good begining when Alice and her clones are fighting with the Umbrella Corporation in Japan. I feel that it is no end when the Umbrella Corporation in Japan are destoryed... I believe that they still want to make something to fight with Alice and her friends in next movie!

OMG.. They used the effect like "Matrix" and falling-gravitiy for the action of fighting. I don't know who is Wesker..? He successfully injects a serum into Alice's body that eliminates the t-cells within her and this makes her lose all her power while she is in his airship. I surisped when he still is alive when Alice, Clarie and her friends met him in the ship! She still can fight with the zombies without her powers! She is very experienced since she is acting in the previous movies; Resident Evil (2002), Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004), and Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)...

It not is very explanation about Wesker and the evolved zombies. I don't know how the zombies can become strong and different..? Wesker also need the humans to continue his life? Maybe he can takes the bodies of human when he loses or nearly to die... But, we don't see anything about how they can be evolved into the strongest than normal zombie.

Alice is very cool when she also fight with the zombies on every part. Clarie also is good when she is fighting with big monster who use an axe... For me, they are very strong than guys? :P Because it is very focus on the main characters only? lol! I still remember what is about Resident Evil: Extinction but it is not enough to doing more horror scenes. Same for Resident Evil: Afterlife because it get alot of fighitng scenes so moslty than horror-action. That is why the gamers love to kill with used the gun and other weapons! Haha... like an example for a game; Resident Evil Biohazard 4.

Well, I give the rating 3 out of 5 for this movie. It is good movie....but not much zombie fighting only. I still not complete Resident Evil Biohazard 4 because it is very hard to kill the bosses!! @-@ Maybe I will start it again! :P

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