Movie Review: The Last Airbender

The world consists of 4 nations based on the elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air, within each nation are people that can control the related elements with a mystical almost magical way. However there is at all times 1 person who can control all 4 elements and is meant to maintain piece and balance in the world he is the Avatar and he continues life through reincarnation.

The current Avatar is a 12 year old boy that hails from the Monasteries of the Air Nation Nomads, he disappeared 100 years ago, and in that time, the Fire nation began a world war for dominance and control and completely whipped out the Avatar's nation to destroy the avatar, but he somehow got away. The boy must face the Fire Lord and defeat him in order to restore balance, but to do so he must master the elements before a deadline that will give the Fire lord more power than ever seen...

First Book is about the Avatar's attempt to learn and master the art of waterbending, and will end with the battle at the north pole of the Fire Nation against the northern Water Tribe.

I still remember that the cartoon TV, Avatar is great because it get humor, cute characters and the ability to connect and feel a part of the world with different of element. My youngest sister used to watch this cartoon but she don't have time because she focused on her SPM exam.

Wow, the director, M. Night Shyamalan takes the popular Nickelodeon cartoon, The Avatar to make a movie! I am sure that it is popular for the kids and teenagers... So, YQ bring me and WK went to watch this movie in the Tropicana City Shopping Mall. We really enjoyed this movie but, I felt this movie get lack of scripts and boring about communication between elements and history of nations so sometimes we don't understand how and what happen to the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth around the world...

I am surprised about a young boy who wakes from 100 years with a big flying monster (what it is?) Aang is the latest reincarnation of the Avatar, a semi-mystical being who can contact the spirit world, and control all four elements. The Avatar's role is keeping the peace between the four nations, so he cannot have a family and not allow to enjoy to play with friends. That is why Aang ran away from this responsibility, and in his absence the fire nation has tried to take over the world... That is make him aware about what is happened to his world.

A young waterbender and her brother, Sokka want to travel with Aang when they want to learn more from the Water nation. I think Aang is very good at the martial arts when he is fighting with the enemies but, Aang don't use more magic 'Air'...maybe he needs the action like he is doing the meditation, qi, and enlightenment if he wants to use enegry 'Air'? I think that they used enegry body 'Qi' - different than magic so that is why they depends on earth life... For example, he must feel something about where are the air, water, fire and earth coming... at his place...

I see all landscapes are very impressive and beautiful on the place names, as we discover when traveling from Southern Water Land to Northern Earth Kingdom, where the Northern Air Temple resides on the edge of a (nameless) canyon.

If a war about Fire and Water nation, they don't use fire or water so much, looks weak. But, there is nice parts, eg. an Earthbender might build a wall to block a hurtling fireball. The masters also show the 'Water' balls... I think that the actors must to be careful with fire when they want to do action fighting? It is not easy to use Fire.. :P

I learned the messages from this movie... The characters exploring the relationship so deeply and also judged the characters between good and evil. They visited the nice landspaces, like the history of Tibetan Buddhism. Also get unique monsters - flying are around the old building... :D I think that this movie need to be improve a bit because I felt that the parts get to skipped, not continue... So, better to read a book if you want to know more about the Avatar!

Rating: 3/5

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