Movie Review: Cats & Dogs: Revenge Of Kitty Galore

Faced with this unprecedented threat, cats and dogs will be forced to join forces for the first time in history in an unlikely alliance to save themselves – and their humans. There are two underground intelligence organisations dedicated to protecting their human masters in the world.

Kitty Galore, a bald, mouse wielding, Siamese villain, has an evil plan to turn dogs and humans against each other forever. Diggs must step in to help the top dogs at Canine HQ prevent Kitty from releasing ‘the call of the wild’ in just 48 hours time. Can Diggs finally prove himself a worthy companion?

Diggs is a young German Shepherd police dog. Normally, the police forces used the dogs - German Shepherd to catch the criminals. He is very cute! I like it when he show his expression to his master while he put his leg on his master's hand! He joins the intelligence organistation on his first time..I think that he is James Bond when he explored the lab and visited a boss?

There are some funny ideas, eg. a cat being squirted with a water pistol during an interrogation, dogs getting their humans to fetch sticks and some hippy felines high on cat-nip. Cat and dogs busy to track down a pigeon, Seamus in the air. I think that a pigeon joined in a team; Diggs, Butch and a spy cat, Catherine on first time... That is why Diggs's team is a special.

I am laughing about the dogs galumph along and smell each other’s butts when a kid also pass through them on every time. Pity them! They don't want to let the human know their dogs, cat and pigeon can talk each other! Kitty's master is very funny and also fail to do the trick magic... Kitty is more clever than his master, so he can build a Terminator-style robot cat and satellite radio?! O_O Kitty are fighting with Diggs, Butch, Catherine and a pigeon at same time so they are good team to work together. Lucikly, the humans watching think it is a stunt by the magician - Kitty's master. Pity a magician don't know what happened to him but, he get to become famous! :D

I feel sometimes, they use 3D cats when they make the cats are fighting in the deck! It's hard to make the cats and dogs open their mouth to talk but, good to show their expression when they are doing the action. Haha After the mission, Diggs goes to live with Shane who is his new master and he become a spy agent to work for the underground intelligence organistation. Diggs's action are good when he try to work with Catherine so a dog and cat can understand each other...

I feel that the movie, Cats & Dogs 3 will coming soon because Mr. Tinkles has escaped from prison with Calico so Diggs, Butch, Catherine, and Seamus are still working together to track down on Mr. Tinkles again! I hope that they will do great than this movie 2!

When I see Catherine - a black cat, it remind me about Miu Miu always sit beside me. Sometimes she likes to lick my hand when I want to put my hand on Miu Miu's head. She loves play with a white bear or also like to walk around in my house!

See my pet, Miu Miu and Nikki! They are sleeping so cute!

If you are an animal lover, better to watch this movie!

Rating: 3/4

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