Movie Review: Despicable Me

The story takes place in a world where super villain is a legal profession and centers on Gru, who at one time was the greatest super villain in the world but begins to lose out to a younger villain. So Gru decides to pull off the greatest heist in history by stealing the moon. But to do that he needs to break into his nemesis' fortress and steal a shrinking ray. So Gru adopts and enlists three orphan girls to help him do so but develops a strong father-daughter relationship with the girls.

It is the kind of movie which provokes laughter every second and is contagious. This movie has a really cute feel to it as the 3 girls fill the movie with laughter and joy.

Gru, which is really a villain, living in the neighbourhood but he is filled with a sense of humor when he is doing what to the others with his action - funny. ^^lll Wow, the villains always have their own bank!! Funny.. Gru tried to make a loan to a bank but, he fails because young villain's plan is better than Gru so, he wants to break a young villain's big house. I surprised when a young villain put his name, 'Vector' around his house. So, he is funny too! :D

Pity him to fail... That is why Gru used three daughters to go sell their cookies for a young villain. But, Gru take care of them so very well. He also is daddy and mommy at same time. I also enjoy to see alot of cute yellow mini one or two-eyed cuties!! I don't know what it is... How Gru make all yellow mini one and two-eyed cuties?? How Gru can remember all of their names! All are same~ @.@

Wow, mothers also like Gru because they thought that he is very nice/lovely and wait for his daughters! :D

He wants to be the greatest criminal mastermind. TO STEAL THE MOON. No way! I think a bigger moon cannot bring to the Earth. :P If you wonder how a moon can steal by Gru, you try to watch this movie!

The minions, the little, yellow one or two-eyed cuties are easily the comical life of the movie! Cute movie, Darn awesome 3D, modern sense of humor. Finally, Gru is really strong when he saves their daughters! This message bring you learn to love someone is very important to you! His mom is proud with Gru!

I think that it is very funny when it compared with How To Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3.

My rating: 4.5/5

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