Video Game Statistics in 2010

Many people still think want to buy the playstation or Xbox or Wii and etc.. You still want to know about how many gamers always play the consoles in the world? How about Xbox, PS3 and Wii? See the picture below;
Source: The graphic comes from which is filled with arcane knowledge of gaming world.

I am surprised about many women want to play Wii than PS3 and Xbox! I think that women believe that it can make them feel healthy when they are playing so they don't want to sit so long... I also spend 4 hours to play the games on the weekend or when I free only. If I don't have to work, maybe I can spend more than 4 hours to play PS2! Haha...

WOw, mostly the Wii sold out to the gamers than ps3 and Xbox so it is really hit? I guess that Wii's price is cheap and first time excited to play Wii.

My eldest sis prefer NintendoDS because it is friendly and easy to be understand how to play in NDS. I think that the gamers prefer to touch on the screen with pen when they are playing NDS? I also like PSP and NDS. But, I don't have them. :P

Wow, the Best selling of console is Sony Playstation 2! I still use PS2 to play games on many times. Xbox, PS3 and Wii still face the problem about failure after 2 years. Before I buy new PS2, I decide to buy PS3 - price RM 2000+ but, I learned that if play PS3, have to buy the orginial games around RM 100 - 200! It is very expensive.. If you cannot, you can buy the games from PlayStation Network through the PS3. I feel that some games in PSN are trial and have to buy... Nevermind, I have to save money then I bought my PlayStation 2 - see my review about Red PS2

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