My blog is going to have new domain,!

Wow! Thank you to, Malaysia Web Hosting for sponsoring new domain for my blog, Selina's Wing!

I cannot believe that I get FREE domain for my blog after they send an email to me... They want to sponsor domain for my blog! Being gifted a sponsorship for life ( a domain expires every year) means that as long as I keep up my blogging. If you start to do blog, maybe you will get a chance for getting the interesting things! For example, you will get be interviewed or invited to be guest, give review when you get pay from them and etc.

If you type my old address at, it will be redirected to Don't worry, you don't lose anything about traffic, page rank, readers and others. It is easy to setup up a domain in blogger only. This can help me to let the people know about my blog get new domain,

Why I choose A lot of readers already know my name of blog? I always think about few names, such as creativeselina, selinablog,, and many.. Haha. I do new poll for my friends and readers in facebook. Finally, the results give 1st - '' and 2rd -'selinawing' and 3nd - 'selinaooi'! I think want to make my porfolio web will have ''. So, my blog have ''!

As I know, many of the disability people also worked so hard to get money to pay the hosting and domain when they want to make their new website. We also hope the hosting company can give the support for the needs of charity and disability people.

Good news for you all! Now, the Malaysia Hosting company will giveaway 100 free domain names for the bloggers who have only. They will review every blogs' application because the good blogs receive our sponsorship when they choose one from blogs' application only. Better to take this chance! Who knows you’re lucky too ! Life time sponsorship is one chance in a lifetime!

If you’re interested to join the Domain for Blogger campaign, please visit the website,

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