Movie Review: Knight and Day

Knight and Day is a romantic comedy movie, but it have more crazy and stupid!! Long time, I don't see his action after Tom Cruise acted in a movie; "Mission: Impossible". Now, he is back to work for this movie!

Knight and Day joins Roy Miller, super-agent extraordinaire as he tries to keep both a young scientist and his invention, a battery that yields incredible power, from falling into the wrong hands. But while he does that, he also runs into June Havens, a garage owner who’s trying to get home for her sister’s wedding. And when she runs into Roy, this kicks off a wild romp over several continents as Roy tries to protect June, and both of them try to protect the battery and the scientist.

As beginning, I see a scene about Roy Miller kills the crew of an airliner, crashes the plane and blows up the evidence! This is really crazy plan?! Weird, Roy never to be injured or die after he do many dangerous things, such as he jump from car to another car, brave to walk while the gunners bang bang at him, etc... He never tired when he bring June Havens to escape..while June is sleeping! O_O

Weird, sometimes June to be awake when she sees what is he doing with her during he busy to fight with enemies.. Funny, he always tell her that she is safe with him, don't worry more... haha! She is very stupid~ :P I enjoy to see about more bulls follow Roy's red motor! :D I am surprised when Roy uses iPhone to check on his parent's house...Maybe this is the promotion of iPhone? :D

June found out about his real name is Roy Knight when she is looking for him in his parents' house. It's sad about his parents don't know he is alive since he cut off his relationship with parents and relatives because his job as spy. That is why Roy keeps a toy "Knight" and iPhone. Funny, June gives a medicine to him so he fell sleep then take him to escape from hospital. She learns everything from him when he gives a medicine to make her

This is very good movie, make the couple can enjoy to laugh!

Rating: 4/5

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