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Wow! After famous Restaurant City and Pet Society introduced on last year, Playfish make new idea game, Hotel City again! I think that the Facebook users never managing their new Hotel in the application games? The single games got existed before like this but, never have features, like can decorate each room as they see fit, hire their friends to manage the front desk or run the maid service, and expand with more and more rooms as guests bring in income. So the Hotel City is newbie-friendly, too because easy to manage the business' hotel and express what they like to decorate in their hotel.



You enjoy to buy more hotel rooms when you earn alot of money if you attract more customers! You also can hire your friends is cheaper than the expensive temporary staffs! But, you cannot choose the friends as your staffs, it is different than Restaurant City that you played. You have to ask your friends to take your job when they want to play the Hotel City at same time...

Besides Hotel rooms, you can buy gyms, restaurants, swimming pools, cafes, game centres and many...All are sure very expensive if you want to put one of these services in your Hotel City! There is a feature of work shift presented in 4 different settings for the staffs who working in your hotel. The shortest shift will be 2, 6, 12, 24 and 48 hours, depending on your budget.

The Hotel will get very dirty rooms when you leave your hotel for too long as it will become infested with Cockroaches! My eldest sis sure hate the cockroach if a room is dirty! haha. You have to clean the room filled with the cockroaches because no one wan stay in the dirty rooms!

There is a new feature; Any space go where as you like in your hotel. For example, the rooms must be touching -- so no floating rooms -- and your creative space is limited by how much you've expanded your hotel when you buy more expand spaces so the spaces are really expensive!


Tips: How to gain a lot of coins?

- You can gain earn more coins and Hotel experience's Points while you are visiting your friends' hotel when you can login on many times as you like, not like Restaurant City, you always visit them when gain coins per day only.

- Better, you choose the longer hours, you have the staffs working for, the more coins that you will gain if many customers in your hotel! I suggest you can choose 24 and 48 hours to have more customers.

- You can work for your friends' Hotels as Receptionists, cleaning staff, Personal Trainers, Ushers, Lifeguards, Chefs or Bartenders. For example, you always visit your friend's hotel that you worked, you can click on your "Tip Jar" at your workplace, that will give you 500 Coins once per day.

- You need to decorate each room with all kinds of decor as you like. There is a meter over each room that fills up as you put more items in a room. Once it is be green and you will earn the maximum amount of money that room can earn!

- Your Hotel City have the star rating, right? Every time, you add rooms, Decor, and commercial rooms such as restaurants, bars and Gyms your rating will increase. The higher your star rating the higher all of your bonuses in the game will be starting at 400 coins and increasing by 10 coins until you can earn 430 coins per bonus if you reach 5 stars rating!

- Watch for your customers in your hotel. You can click on every sleeping customer in each room if you get lucky to gain more bonus coins or not, depends on your star rating. You can try it on your friends' hotel too.

- You can try to drag a customer will walk back to the reception area. If you do this, they will stay until they get a room in your hotel.

- You can visit a first-time Neighbor in the game you will receive 1,000 bonus coins. If you don't have many friends as neighbors, you try to invite more friends will play the Hotel City as your neighbor!

- With an icon telephone, the guests will call you if there are something will be happen in their room, such as a fire caught in a guest's room, a ghost scare guest, a guest felt cold or hot when he/she stay in cold/hot room, etc! You can solve their problem as you can earn 250 coins when you find which room which a guest call you!

Funny, when you login out from Hotel City, your guests will tell you "Goodbye!" while they waved their hand

This game still be in the BETA version. So, it still need to improve the features and development of Hotel City... If you interest in playing the Hotel City, click the Hotel City application in Facebook.

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