SPORE Creatures picks up right where SPORE Origins left off. Your Spore has evolved to a land based creature faced with a world of unique environments to explore. Through exploration your creature encounters predators to befriend or attack, obstacles and hazards to overcome, and new parts to add to creature inside the Creature Creator as it climbs the evolution ladder to become the top of the food chain and discover other species like itself.

SPORE™ is very popular since it launched because this is from the creators of The Sims™. My sister and I always play the Sims games so, it is good to start a family and suitable for all-aged. Now, the SPORE game already be youngest sister want to try this game! She bought new SPORE CREATURES game application for my nokia hp! She like to see how if it is good or not...

The graphics of the game is simple for a Mobile, not like 3D graphic in PC games. The game focuses around the character that you create and you guide it through the levels. The levels are divided into different location, such as sand dessert, lava, and others. The character can eat the smaller cells, and look for the part of creature which can be used to upgrade your character so that make your creature will be bigger and become strong.

Your creature will challenge with other creature if you want to complete this game. Every location have an evolution point that can help to heal your creature's health and customize your creature, such as size, shape and color and change the parts; eyes, ears, horns, legs, etc.

If you like it, you can enjoy to evolve your creature as you like! You can explore 6 unique zones on an engrossing evolutionary journey. For me, it is very fast to finish this game than My Sims Mobile! It is easy and suitable for kids only. :D

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Selina Wing said…
haha.. I think this SPORE mobile game is simple only. Its better to play SPORE in PC? :D