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World of Feng Shui's mission is to bring together feng shui enthusiasts from around the world to achieve the singular goal of demystifying the invaluable living skill that is feng shui, and to enable more people to benefit from the wonderful results it can bring.
Do you know where is World of Feng Shui World @ IOI Mall, Puchong? It is located at the second floor, IOI Mall, Puchong. My cousin is 'Master Feng Shui' and runs World of Feng Shui shop. He learned the Feng Shui trades from the famous international feng shui writer and famous master Lillian Too! My cousin's name is Clamond Ng and he used to work with one of the top ten IT company in the world in Singapore just before he started this Feng Shui business. He is hardworking, friendly and helpful guy because he is born in rat year, same as me. Haha.

He also provide the services about on-site/off-site Feng Shui Consultatioon, property selection, luck reading using Bazi, number selection for your house/car and conduct Feng Shui Workshop. He was interviewed and give talks in many TV stations such as ABC News Interview on Astro 521, Mary Go Round Show on Astro JiaYu, Breakfast Show NTV7 and RTM1. His article was also published in the New Straits Times about futures on ICT businesses in Tiger Year. He is really famous! :P

If you are interested in Feng Shui, it can help you in your lives if you know how to enhance the chi and improve your luck by learning about the ancient science of feng shui in today's modern world. My eldest sister, mom and I also learn a bit from my cousin to improve our luck and avoid some misfortunes. He also conduct feng shui classes for the students and consultations.

If you want to ask any question or want to learn more about Feng Shui, please email him at or please visit his website,

We can give you a FREE advise on how to activate your academic corner in your room or in your house when you come to visit the World of Feng Shui, IOI Mall, Puchong

(p/s: World of Feng Shui World @ IOI Mall, Puchong is closed and moved out, Sorry!)

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