Movie Review: Solomon Kane

About the Kane's dark side, he's confronted by a minion of the devil who tells him that Satan claims his soul. Kane escapes from a devil who collect his soul, and takes refuge in a big church, so he has renounced his evil ways and pledged himself to the church. Unluckily for Kane, the church don't want him around, in case the devil catches up with him. It make he force out from a big church and have to travel so alone until he meet with a family family who are setting out for the new world. Will he save a girl whose family asked him to promise to find her? How he escape from the evil things haunt himself?

After I watched this movie, this is a boring and bad movie, looks as a story about evil witch and monsters also kill everyone and take hostages from the villages because the villagers always burn the witches when they believe that a witch can bring bad luck and destroy everything during Dark Ages... I still not figure out about how he do a contract with a devil, that come to collect his soul and this get related with a evil witch?

I thought when he goes out from church, sure a lot of demon will track him to take his life and soul. But, its not interesting movie! He just fight with evil people controlled by a leader because he wants to protect a family who save him... Why he force to kill the evil villagers so badly?? He just no need to kill them if he has other choice. For example, he can make the people injured or not move again after he hit them so badly, not killing people.

Sometimes, the scenes not explain much about how the curse placed on the villagers, why there is a witch's existence, and others. They focus on Kane's past time and fighting with bad people only. I feel that it get lack of action, such as skipping to another place while they are in war with another... Why a evil witch need Kane's soul so badly?? For the creation of demon which made by a evil witch?? I don't understand about how it can related with Kane...:P For me, Solomon Kane looks as Assassin! :)

My ratings: 2 out of 5

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Anonymous said…
You are definitely not a good reviewer. Did you missed the scene where Solomon's father told him that he sold all of the family's soul to the devil to heal the brother? Once the devil got his contract, the devil will definitely claims it so as the mightiest soul would be the most crucial to the devil. Then, for sure the witch will do the bad things for the devil as they got the powers from the devil. Plus, Solomon can injure people being possessed, but people being possessed will not be maim for any injury. Did you ever watched any zombie movies? Thus, only death will eliminate them. TQ.
Selina Wing said…
No, I felt they cut out the scene - violent and devil before the movie released or I don't understand what about this movie. I don't like the fighting and death & devil movie. Haha!

I watched zombie movie once but not always la :P