Digi Smart Plan for Blackberry!

Since my dad bought new BlackBerry Bold, I am curious about what is about Blackberry. I like to explore my dad's blackberry! There are many application called BlackBerry App World, which you can download all sort of applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, Opera browser, Google map, Google, MSN messenger can be easily downloaded to you r BlackBerry.

It is very suitable for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people because SMS messaging is very easy to SMS friends when you are typing with the full QWERTY keypad. I am sure when you are first-time, maybe this keypad may seem a little confusing so, you don't be familiar to use it - especially when keying in numbers and special characters. But, it is ok because you will be normal, like pro thumb typing if you always use SMS on many times! My dad and I already be good to this after few weeks only. :P

This screen looks as small, but the texts are very clear and bright to see...It also features an ultra sexy 480 x 320 pixel VGA display that produces sharp and vivid colors when viewing both pictures and videos. It also get 3G device and WiFi support...You can call your friend or you want to chat in 3G or if you love to surf in internet! I don't try it because my dad don't buy internet plan. :P

If you are addicted to internet, you can enjoy to email, easy to get WiFi if you went to the hotspot place, get many applications, like facebook, MSN Messenger, and many...

This is the ideal mobile device not only for the busy executive and profesional but also for anyone who wants to keep connected constantly! ^^

DiGi Smart Plan – BlackBerry Unlimited!

I received an email invitation from my friend in facebook, that's why I know about Digi Smart Plan promotion. I think that u all know about its great about the unlimited internet where you just need to pay RM58/month only. It means you get to enjoy unlimited email, IM, Facebook, Twitter and etc. So, it is cheap when it compare to other telco, right? According to my blogger friend Akiraceo,DiGi Smart Plan provides an unlimited access to the internet and uploading the photo tookless than a minute with the EDGE powered BlackBerry. So, it is cool?


Meanwhile, it is zero commitment for call and sms. You just pay for what you use. I think that this plan - video/voice call is cheap than SMS. In addition, the more you use, the more you save! Thanks to this plan, whoever digi user totaled bill usage for a month more than RM200, the Blackberry unlimited will b FREE! You will get Free!! What about if not more than RM200? Don't be disappoint. If ur bill was in between RM100-RM199.99, u'll get 25% discount for the Blackberry unlimited.

That is very suitable for BlackBerry users. Try to buy Digi Smart Plan if used to use more over RM 200 so you will get FREE! :P

Many of my friends said it is affordable and love this blackberry! Why?? Who knows? :P You will see how if you use it!


See Akiraceo website -! Cute!

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