T-Bowl Concept Restaurant @ Queensbay

How I know about T-Bowl Concept?
My best friend, Eze told me about T-Bowl Concept Restaurant when he went to celebrate his birthday with his friends. He complained about the bad service that they gave to him and his friends...Haha. So, I decided to try it out. When I already in Penang, my sisters and I suggest this to my parent, aunt and uncle, then they like to try to eat in T-Bowl Concept Restaurant at the Queensbay.

During 3rd Chinese new year, my family and I went to the T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, just next to GSC...This is a good idea to decorate this restaurant. They try to make the food look as poo poo...

You wanna eat poo poo?!?! I heard from my friend about the ice cream tasted very nice actually. I already check out about this shits - ice cream or sausage... My sister told me about the Chinese name was really yucky ;p It sounde like “poo in intestine”. Even the look does look like one. My cousins and I really want to eat this but it always be finish so early. So, we don't get bad!

My family and I are sitting on the toilet bowl and enjoying our food. My cousin, Girly who enjoyed to eat the spicy is very curry! O_O See the photos below; 

We think that this food are delicious, all also in the toilet it is funny! :D

In the T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, all things are toilet equipments. The chair for customer to sit on the decorated toilet bowl. The table are bath tubs for long table and basin with a glass on top of them. The environment do really makes you feel that you are dining in a toilet. But, this restaurant is smaller than one in Sungai Wang, Kuala Lumpur. That is why this restaurant always get many people to sit until it is very full!

As I know, there are two restaurants 'T-Bowl Concept Restaurant' in Sungai Wang and Queensbay only. If you want to try it, ou can check out their website:

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