Motivating Deaf Youth & Career Experience Sharing Workshop on 24 Jan, Sunday

I am invited to speak about the workshop Motivating Deaf Youth & Career Experience Sharing at the PMY Deaf, YMCA, Kuala Lumpur. I thought it would be a good idea to share the experience with Deaf Youth and Teen so, it make them curious about what deaf people are doing during their university and career. I heard that there are 4 deaf presenters, include me will attend for this workshop. :)

I will give my experience talk about what challenges that I get in my universiy, awards presentation with company Telenor and Human Factor International (HFI) with Multimedia University (MMU) and experience of interview with few companies, like KDU College, IBM Malaysia, Ozura - Mobile Games, M Stage Asia, and Adrenalin Internet Systems MSC Cyberjaya.

I will share my experiences as a Multimedia Engineer, impart my knowledge and skills on what is required to be a good designer, and how to communicate with hearing colleagues in the meeting so, my colleague and I are working as one team that always share idea and discuss each other, in the order to complete few projects in KDU College.

So, the 'education experience' will teach you a good lesson, then you will fast to adapt to the reality of the working world with hearing community.

Long time, I don't do my own presentation but, my sign language is weak... T_T I still try to improve my sign language and hope that you all will understand about my career experience talk. If you interest in this workshop, you can find me there in PMY Deaf, YMCA on 24 Jan, Sunday! :D

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