First time Deaf join in True Fitness Jaya 33

Photos credited by Munfitnesblog

Me? No! Kimberly and her husband was joined in the True Fitness, Jaya33 on their first time before me. They asked True Fitness Jaya33 if there are some deaf people joined before theirs? No, The True Fitness in Jaya33 accepted Kimberly and her husband in their first case..:D It's better if you want to know more about True Fitness, Jaya33 before you interested in this...

Kimberly was invited me to go get my free 1 week VIP because if you are member of TF, you can invite your friend or family member to try out for 1 week VIP. Cool? lol.. The True Fitness Jaya33 looks as new to me... Maybe you never go to Jaya33 building in Petaling Jaya. Jaya33 is business office building and get alot of shops, such as the restaurants, supermarket, and others. See Jaya33's website.

Photos credited by Munfitnesblog

The entrance of the gym is at the ground floor so, the members can give their membership card for a staff TF to check 1st before they enter in. And they will have a discount parking car fee - RM 1.50 only after they finish to do gym. Kimberly and I were doing the gym exercise in 2 hours.. Depends on you if you want how much long hour to spend in TF if you are member of TF. Normally, pay RM 2.00 parking fee on Monday until Sunday for the parking car inside Jaya33. There are a kid nursery there at one corner when I entered inside TF. They take care of the kids when their mummy do gym or attend a class in TF. O_o Kim also want to try it..Haha!

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I think that this place is big and looks as disco-ey feel place... There are a DJ booth, so it make the members enjoy to listen the music while they do gym. For us, no need to listen music..haha. I feel comfortable and like to try on different machine gym.. :P I think that Kim is very good at teaching because she always train me! Haha! She will kill me if I don't continue to do it! :P Just kidding only. She just support me to train more more... :) So, my healthy will be better if I do more exercise. If not, I always get sick so easily...hehe.

If you are first-time join in TF, you will get a trainer so you can learn something from him/her about how to use the machine and discuss about your health.. :) After that, you can do all by yourself. If you want to continue with your trainer, maybe you need to pay extra. This is what I heard from Kimberly ;) See more photos from

Photos credited by Munfitnesblog

There are a swimming pool located at 4th floor. I can see the beautiful view landscape when I went to the 4th floor. You can enjoy to swim in the swimming pool on anytime or after exercise when you are member of TF only. Because the swimming pool is belonging to TrueFitness only. The members can attend the classes, such as Yoga, Dance and etc... After that, they can take a bath or sit in the saune room. :)

I saw many members still come to TrueFitness on every month/everyday. Many profesionals, teachers, college/university students, managers, old ladies and guys and many! O_o Still many cars come along Federal Highway so it sometimes get jam or if there are an accident, it is horrible. :)From Jaya33, you can use old way to Old Petaling Jaya but..there are many traffic lamps, make you always stop..stop. :P

If you ask me about the membership fee packages, depends on the package that you sign up for...Maybe TrueFitness will get promotion packages for you or not. If you think its cheaper if the promotion packages get 12 months + free 1 year or 24 months + free 1 year. Sure get new membership card and FREE bag TF. Sorry, I forget how much RM already. I took a membership fee with no joining fees, so it is enough for 1 year only. Kimberly and her husband got the promotion package for 2 years only.

Exercise is happiness! Health is important

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Vivien said…
how much is the monthly fee?
Selina Wing said…
RM 177. Depends on the packages that they will give to you sign for..
Michael said…
I'm currently paying RM 150 pm but that is after much bargaining with the sales person. The good is gym is not too crowded (only tried the Jaya33 branch), extended hours, bad is the trainer initially assigned to you for "FREE" training will guaranteed be pushy.