14 Cute Totoro Wallpapers!

I really love Totoro since I am young.. :P I always watching this anime on many times...

is very suitable for the kids! My Neighbor Totoro is very famous anime movie that directed by Hayao Miyazaki in Japan. This is s my favourite of anime... Those of you who have seen the film or know about Totoro you will know that he is a huge owl/cat like creature who is seen by young children who will themselves to see him. Sisters Mei and Satsuki move to the into a new house with their father in the countryside. The youngest sister, Mei, an adorable and somewhat spoilt young girl first sees Totoro, and instantly loves him. And as the film goes on, we see the two sisters go on their own adventure with the help of Totoro and a few friends.

You very loved Totoro? :P It is very cute! See my favourite wallpapers below;

I really miss Totoro Anime! :D 

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