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Many of us doesn’t know that we can actually search and order the mobile phones, computers, cameras, gadgets, stationeries, sports, game consoles, appliances and services online! Surprise me! It's cheap and reasonable! It is a good for you try to buy online! Check out -

How I know about I got an email from an agent, through my colleague because she knew that I also working on KDU e-bazaar online. Ordering from is very fast and shipping cost is FREE! If you are new customer, there will be a RM 20 discount with an order above RM 400 only. You can enter the code twentyoff during checkout to entitle for the discount. You can check on them about how you can save money from the original price when you want to buy cheap one. :D

I planned to buy a Logitech webcam because my sisters also borrowed my old webcam. I give her old then I buy new. :D I am ordered a webcam, Logitech QuickCam E 2500 with their promotion - RM 69 only so it is cheap! After that, they shipped my order the next day.


How do you buy?
If you are first-time, you need to register an account in Once you order it, they will processed. So you will get one the very next day! Normally, they will reach at your house around 5-7pm. They will contact you once they reach.

How do you pay for your order?
I am paying through then email a resit to them. You can pay with using the credit card, or pay to Maybank2u, CIMB, Public Bank and Alliance Bank.

If your thing is stock out, they will phone or email you. I got this experience before because they are calling my sis's hp about my webcam then I emailed them to check what they have for me. They replied my email so fast! I am happy with their service.

At last, if you know any other online store that is good for us, please kindly share it here so I can give it a try.

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Vivien said…
cool site, thanks
khoking said…
For photographic equipment or cameras, check out First and largest camera shop in Malaysia!
Anonymous said…
Cresdo is now on the way 2 be one of the largest camera shop in Malaysia....
Anonymous said…