Where got Ghost?! Movie Review

Finally, the Jack Neo's latest "Where Got Ghost?" movie is coming! I don't know that why this movies always get FULL when I try to make the researvation seats through GSC and TGV website. T-T Lot of chinese people love it? :P Maybe I decided to bring my dad and sister go to watch "Where got Ghost?!" movie (mandarin) in the Tropicana City Shopping Mall during Hari Raya holiday. First time, my dad see 'new' Tropicana City which is near my workplace, KDU College. No one is queuing so we are lucky to get the tickets. Normally, many people always are watching the movies during holiday only. :D


In my opinion, this movie was very funny but rather poor in the ending... We feel that old movies; "Money No Enough 2", "Love Matters", and "Ah Long Pte Ltd" are better than this movie.. I am disappointed because there are 3 ghost stories - have different characters and they acted so very funny. But, I feel it like reading the story books... -_-

I like last story about a family with ghost mummy. Haha.. The brothers are very stupid and always scared of ghosts! :P There are three different meanings and moral values which can let us learn what is an important in our lives. I don't feel scare when I watched this movie. So, it is horror comedy because Jack Neo focuses more important fact to make more comedy and moral values for his movies. :)

Watch this if you love Jack Neo movies. ;)

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