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I am busy on my project..T-T Suddenly, my facebook status got updated! My friend was spreading the information about the J & K Deaf Tours & Travel Malaysia website!


Wow! It is good idea to open the Deaf Tour Agency in our country, Malaysia on first time ! :D We are Deaf Malaysian who love to welcome everyone come to visit our country, Malaysia! Thank you to Jimmy & Kathy(J&K)! They are created the different website so they are very experienced web designer. They also have their own skills, such as selling the jewerelly, and other stuffs ;) OK, I am doing my review on their website because they need my support and help to promote their website, J & K Deaf Tours & Travel Malaysia ^ ^

I visited the J&K website, Deaf Tours & Travel Malaysia and there are many packages tour in this website! It let you choose any package code then can contact them through email, For example, you decide to choose 'Malacca,Tour Code : DT 1011' which prepared by them in their website then email J&K Deaf Tour Agency. They will reply email to you and arrange the tour timetable for you after this. :)


It depends on what you like to visit the city, Kuala Lumpur or travel around east malaysia only. Soon, they will have the travel packages; Sarawak, Johor, Kelantan and other states. If you interested in the tour Malaysia, I suggest that you better to check the festivals or public holiday. :) Maybe you will catch the unique events in anywhere! :) You also can try our local foods! It is very delicious! Because Malaysia is rich in culture and a haven for food. It comes as no surprise that our country is well known for its variety of food...Hehe

Mostly the popular tourist places; Georgetown, and Malacca, the historic capitals, is listed by UNESCO in 2008 for its unique architectural and cultural townscape! Please check out about the Malaysia in UNESCO website. Multiculturalism has not only made Malaysia a gastro- nomical paradise, it has also made Malaysia home to hundreds of colourful festivals.
For more information, please visit Tourism Malaysia website. For Deaf social, they enjoyed to celebrating and socialising with their Deaf friends because Deaf Malaysians are warm and friendly.

There are any problem about communicate with the hearing community in Malaysia? Don't worry, you can communicate with them through paper & pen or using the simple sign. Some deaf tour guiders from the J & K Deaf Tour Agency that will guide you to visit around Malaysia! They will help to explain some to you and your family! We also know alot of legends and history of culture in Malaysia! ^ ^ You love to visit our country, Malaysia? then come to
J & K Deaf Tour Travel Malaysia!

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