Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Credits by Selina, designer of KDU College

I am designing this banner for KDU College! ^^ It is nice? :D Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wish to playing the lantern..T_T I remembered that I always play the lantern with my eldest sister and neighbor since I am kid. I really never forget my sweet memories in my life! :) Do you know about why we celebrate it on every year? Check the info;

I also very busy in this week! Why many friends invited me go out.. -_- I think want to rest in my home, and miss to play The Persona 4, PS2. The Persona 4 is good! I will review this after I complete this game PS2. :D

Kim invited me go to do FREE fitness gym in Jaya33. I feel okay with this. I think it is cool but I really don't want a trainer who teach me because they are very strict! @_@ Haha! First time, I join the True Fitness.. Maybe I will plan to join other fitness, not 'True Fitness' in Jaya33. :)I will write my experience about True Fitness later. :P

I must watch new movie: CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS! :P I will see how 1st if I have free time! ^^

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