On His Majesty's Secret Service Movie Review

Synopsis: The Emperor has 12 Secret Royal Guards viz Royal Tiger (Tong Dawei), Royal Pig (Lam Tze Chung). All of them are kungfu masters with the exception of Royal Dog (Louis Koo). No matter how much his fiancée Faithful (Barbie Hsu) or his future parents-in-law try to dissuade him, Royal Dog does not waiver from his goal of pursuing a career in scientific exploration.

The Head of Eunuchs, Unicorn (Louis Fan), who is a martial arts expert, as well as, a schemer and power-grabber. To overthrow the Emperor, he murders a Minister and schemes to have one of his godsons to marry Princess Rainbow so that he would become an indirect "in-law" of the Emperor and Empress (Sandra Ng).

Royal Dog, Faithful and Gemini see through his scheme and try to wreck his plan. In a fury, Unicorn attempts to seize power by assassinating the Emperor and the stage is set for a deadly duel between the force of good and evil.

My sister and I bring our grandma go to watch this Cantonese movie. For me, it is comedy movie that make the people laugh! I felt this movie show some scenes looks as funny and stupid. The secret service has been responsible for protecting the Emperor for generations and 12 agents are always assigned to bodyguard duty. The Royal guards get the nickname, such as Royal Dog, Royal Pig, Royal Tiger and others.. Royal Dog shows no interest in the martial arts and spends his time studying technology and creatng inventions~ He also make the traps for the enemies!

fiancée is very good at fighting while flirting with him! I thought that she is very great than her parent and enemies. But, she looks not strong when she fight with the enemies who is very He also prepared many things to fight..It is very funny! ^ ^ There are some ninjas who want to kill a king! O_O First time, it use ninja to fight with them.. I think that a minister who hired the Japanese ninjas to kill the stupid Emperor... :P

See the trailer below;

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