Kiku Zakura Restaurant @ Mid Valley

The restaurant is located in Midvalley, at the same floor as the GSC. If you love to watch midnight movies, it’s still open late at night. Especially towards weekends, they are open up to 1am, as long as there’s customers wanting to eat, they are open. Wow, yeah! I saw them still open on last saturday.. Same as McDonald. Still many people want to come to the cinema on late night! :)

Since my birthday, my eldest sister bring me and youngest sis went to Mid Valley to celebrate my birthday. I decided to eat the Japanese food at the Kiku Zakura Restaurant because we were very rushing before the Monsters VS Aliens movie starts at 9pm. Until we finished eating it was 9.15PM already!! This restaurant really have the japanese feels and also get pink color! so, it is suitable with name 'Kiku-Zakura'.. The servants wear kimono and all the decorations - japanese culture.. Their service are really good because they even provide us with a towel to wipe our hands and face before we start eating, serve the dishes so fast and there are a bookshelf - many magazines, and comics. When I try it, I don't understand when read magazine in 'Japanese' language but lucky, the comic is in 'Bahasa Malaysia' language.

Cute! See three cups with different portrait 'Ancient japanese ladies'. The Japanese food is very tasty and is a very big portion.

This is Katsu Curry Rice that I eat! They even provide a glass of ice water just in case it is too spicy. Too bad it is not spicy at all.. ^^ Then, my eldest sis ordered her dish. This is sizzling cheese chicken which have lots of chicken! It is very delicious! We cant finish all the chicken..:P

Finally, it called the Oyako Don and it is rice with chicken..It's for my youngest sister!

We finish eat all dishes! When my sis's bf pay bill, we found out a thing that we see it on our first time! The Sake Bottle - this really looks like one of the Restaurant City Decoration!!

Thank you very much to my sisters and bro Ka Fai for my birthday! And my youngest sis took all pictures - it really is nice? :P She still need to improve her skill to snap the photos..HAHA I never forget this memories in my life! :D

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lunaticg said…
I saw this restaurant before.
Just staring at their kimono.
See you around.