Rurouni Kenshin: Yahiko Special


It's been a few years after Kenshin gave Yahiko his sakabato. Kaoru sends Yahiko off to another dojo to look after the master's daughter while he's away. But when Yahiko arrives, the place has been already taken over by extremists and Yahiko is taken hostage as well. Now it's up to him to save the day.


Wow.. I thought that Kenshin is back.. Kenshin and Kaoru'son, Kenshin Kenji already be grow up! But it is a special manga about Yahiko only. haha.. Do you know who is Yahiko? Myojin Yahiko is an orphan from a samurai family and was forced to work as a thief to repay the debt that he had supposedly owed due to his parents death before they could pay it back. When he meets Kenshin, he is saved by Kenshin and decides that he would grow up to be just like his savior. But due to Kenshin's strong beliefs in not teaching anyone else the sword style he had obtained, he enlisted Yahiko to be trained by Kaoru at the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryū...

During his training, his teacher, Kamiya Kaoru recognizes him as the strongest child in Japan, though Yahiko often says that is not good enough since he wants to be as strong as Himura Kenshin. That is why he want be like him. I remembered that Yahiko is a kid and still believe that who is very strong so can protect everyone but, Kenshin not agree with his thesis because Kenshin's experience since Japan war..He wants Yahiko can protect who is very important to him and continue his kindest heart to help everyone in the future..

When I read this manga, it make me shocked when Yahiko as a teenager, capturing an opponent's sword with his hand! He successfully learns the Kamiya Kaoru's techniques and becomes so adept at using the Hadome, that Yahiko starts performing variations of the technique...That is why he become famous due to his title of "the man who has caught 1000 blades" in Japan! It is better for him because he don't need to use a real sword. Yahiko learns the principles of Kamiya Kasshin-Ryū, which match Kenshin and Kaoru's ideal saving lives...

Enjoy to read the Rurouni Kenshin: Yahiko Special manga!

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YChien said…
I love rurouni kenshin. I thought this manga has been released for quite a long time? I still re-read Rurouni Kenshin once in a while. The story seems to have a lot to tell. Every single time I learn something new! =)
Selina Wing said…
wahh..I also like it because this story is great :) I collect all comics 'Rurouni Kenshin' - translated in BM. :D

I suggest you better to read 'Fruits Basket'. It is very touching story! :)
YChien said…
seriously ar? I heard of fruits basket, of course but I am not really a fan of love story. HAhA! I heard it's quite similiar with Honey and Clover, maybe I would give you a try! Haha! I am currently "chasing" Claymore. hehe..
Selina Wing said…
No. I already watch Honey and Clover anime. Its different. Fruits Basket's story about 12 zodiac chinese..

For example, as guy, you suddnelly become rat if a girl touch you! :D They got pain and suffer through their experience life. Their parents can accept them or not because this is a curse's family generation.. :D

Haha..I already read Claymore. It is ok :)
renaye said…
friends have been telling me how good rurouni kenshin is but i don't think i would watch it after knowing how the ending like.
Selina Wing said…
Hi renaya,

I like how good this manga than anime..haha :D I watch anime b4 so it is ok only.