My birthday - 5 June!

selinawing birthday

Thank you very much! Everyone wish my 25th birthday on that day! I really am very happy! ^ ^ I like to thank my family because they always stay by my side! Don't worry, I won't forget about my best friends who also helped me so many times..:P But, sometimes they love to bully me T_T HAHA! One of my best friends send me his drawing..This design is very funny but, there is a girl in the drawing alike me or not?? T_T He really like to tease me..


I am very tired while busy do work in office, but I enjoyed to celebrate my birthday with my family. My eldest sis bring me go to eat the Japanese food at the Kiku-Zakura restaurant and watch a movie 3D - "Monsters VS Alien". :)

I will post the entry about Kiku-Zakura restaurant and 3D movie - "Monsters VS Alien" when I am free. Be patient, ok? :D

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Team Deafz said…
haha...ur hair style is same...i drew what i remembered when i met u during CNY this year....i am not good at drawing the i put on the nerdy-glasses to cover up your eyes.. XD
Selina Wing said…
-_- I not wear glasses! Just draw the big eyes so it is fine la Haha. My hair already long after CNY :P
Happy Birthday~~~ Sorry for the late wish :P
Selina Wing said…
It is ok. Many people still wish me so lately..Haha