Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus



The game begins with a flashback to the ending of Final Fantasy VII. As Meteor looms overhead, Yuffie and Vincent are in Midgar helping with the evacuation. Vincent tells Yuffie to check the Mako Cannon. She does so, and the device she is using finds a single person still alive there. Despite Yuffie's protests, Vincent ascends the Cannon to the firing controls to find the slumped body of Hojo. Vincent trains his triple-barreled handgun, Cerberus, on him but, just as he is about to fire, an explosion blows Hojo's body away and causes the tower to start crumbling. Vincent is narrowly rescued by Yuffie on a hovercraft, after which they rendez-vous with Cloud and the others.

Three years later, Vincent is actually sitting alone in a hotel room in Kalm, where a celebration is taking place to commemorate the three-year anniversary of Meteorfall. A nearby television shows a news report about a recently uncovered entrance to an unknown part of the Shinra complex deep underground, where it is rumored a force of soldiers more powerful than SOLDIER were created... Will Vincent and his friends save this world?


Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus is not an RPG game.. You will play as "shooter" and use the clunky dual analog controls, and shoulder buttons are used for shooting, buying the items and pick the weapon..This game have amazing 3D graphics with innovative and fun gameplay, a captivating story and interesting characters! It alike Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie that we used to watch before. I don't know why they chose Vincent Valentine as main character for this game. I think that a lot of Final Fantasy VII fans liked their favorite' character, Vincent Valentine? He is very mysterious guy so, we don't know about him since we play the old game, Final Fantasy VII... His background was shrouded in mystery and what little was revealed was a tale of love lost, human suffering, and bizarre altercations to his physical and mental state.. That is why they really want to see Vincent's story~!

I saw a lot of characters return from the original game for helping Vincent Valentine to fight Professor Hojo...But, I am sad about Red XIII not appear in the battle, so he is with Shelke Rui at the ending only... We also see Lucrecia Crescent's role in the overall story, which related with Vincent Valentine in his past time. We will know about why Lucrecia give birth her babby, "Sephiroth" and what happened between Lucrecia and Vincent.. I feel pity because Lucrecia and Vincent love each other but, they cannot to be together because Lucrecia turn down on him? You will know about what happened to them when you play this game! :D

vincent shootingIn the gameplay, he looks "cool" in every chapther! Mostly, Reeve and Yuffie always with Vincent since the enemies attacked Reeve's top secret places... It make me confused! @_@ It always make me looking in the wrong direction of where I should be shooting! It was difficult to turn quickly and face targets, especially bosses who move very quickly! I hate it! Worst, he don't carry more potions and bullets! I have to find a shop to buy many potions while I fight with big boss! :( But, there are some equipment and weapon styles: Different guns, barrels, scopes, attachments, and even Materia (magic). It depends on your decision to equip/upgrade your own into the powerful weapon but, you need more gils! You have to kill the enemies so you can get more is not easy! Haha! . Limit Breaks are treated as items, and can only be used after short time.. :P I not always use Limit Breaks because it is 'fighting', not shoot eneimes.. It is waste time because the enemies always move so fast! When it come to final chapter, I easy to kill enemies and Omega Weapon..Haha! I just continue to bang bang Omega Weapon until it killed so easily..O_o than other chapters- big bosses... So, it is not bad..Haha.

We will see our favorite characters remade with such amazing graphics at the ending story..It is very beautiful story.. :) Before you start this game, I suggest you better to learn the tutorial: how to shoot, equip weapon, jump and etc.. Because it don't have tutorials when you start a story.. Don't worry, you can select the tutorials before you continue story on anytime.. :)

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