Deaf Boleh! Malaysia is back!

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My blog, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia just changed new template so, it is more nice and attractive. I am really sorry because I also busy do work and make a lot of deaf wait for my update info in my blog. Sometimes, I don't focus on my design for this template.. Finally, it is completed. See the picture below:


If you like this blog, I welcome any readers can visit to my blog: Deaf Boleh! Malaysia. If you like to promote your website, you can make advertise with my blog. It is FREE. I really hope that will get my name domain for this blog on one day.. :P

Why I created a blog "Deaf Boleh! Malaysia"?

I write this blog to inspire deaf, and hard of hearing to bring forth their creative talents and show what they can do in their life. This blog can provide many information that they need to know about their society, such as disability acts, opinion, news, deaf sports, and others in Malaysia. It maybe can help them learn to listen and keep an open mind, be empathetic to people and can give their own voice, stand their ground, make choices, and define their identity and purpose.

My blog can open to anybody can give the feedback, and encourage comments so, it’s good to listen things from the readers. If you like to share with us, you can leave this comment. I will add your link in my blog - Selina's Wing and Deaf Boleh! Malaysia. There are a article about some deaf bloggers also have their own blog in Malaysia! Please read my post - Deaf Bloggers in Malaysia:


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RLM said…
Welcome back, Selina (Deaf Boleh)!

Do you mind explaining what the word for "boleh" meant? :)

Robert L. Mason (RLM)
Selina Wing said…
Oh.. "Boleh" is a word in the language 'Bahasa Malaysia' from my country. "Boleh" which translated means "Can Do it!".

It was embraced wholeheartedly by the people as a means to push themselves to endure and accept challenge, to set targets, to excel..