CoDo Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant @ Mid Valley

Co Do is a Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant in Mid Valley. It is situated at the third floor of Mid Valley, on top of the Little Vietnam. They are serving Vietnamese style Dim Sum.. My sister's boyfriend took her and me go to eat there...

There are many choice about the Vietnamese foods different from our local food. Normally, the Vietnamese food places a lot of emphasis on the sweet sourish nature of their sauces, and that each dishes come in a range of beautiful, exotic colours..We ordered a cup of Vietnamese Flower Tea. Though unique in smell like flower, it depends on your taste when you try to drink it.. :P When we sit down, we see the empty paper on a table.. Suddnelly, a waiter cop the red chinese words on the large paper! O_o My sister said it mean give us a blessing while the foods are prepared~!

I cannot remember the name of this dish..It was mainly fresh vermicilli topped with all the ingredients as you see above, including freshly grilled pieces of chicken all topped in pieces of fried onions, crumbs and most importantly, their infamous sweet, sour and spicy sauce. My sister and her boyfriend can share this meal with me! But, we are very full when we finished this because it is size bigger! @_@

And I chose the spaghetti with chicken balls..

I think that this place is nice and can see the people from top angle! When I took a menu, I see this logo 'CoDo' looks like cat..Haha! My sister told me that this is chinese word lar. She don't see it like a cat.. Thanks to brother Chang! ^ ^

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Grace said…
Hi ~~just to ask this shop closed down already rite?
Selina Wing said…
Really? Long time I don't go to Mid Valley. I will check there when I am free. Thanks for this info. :)