The Tale of Despereaux Movie


Desperaux Tilling (Matthew Broderick) is a kind of mouse you wouldn't mind having at home. Desperaux loves light, admires beauty and adores the princess, which makes him the odd one out. From the rat-infested dungeons, Desperaux must make his way up to the glittering castle above. Will his quest too big for a small fellow like him? "Despereaux" is a typical fairy tale with the usual happily-ever-after ending!

Beyond the world of humans, what lies beneath their feet are two rather big communities of mice and rats. The mice get to live in a better environment with plenty of food and a very systematic way of living, while the rats live in a dark, secluded and filthy place.


Wow, this story is happened between human and rats/mouses only. Weird, they love to eat soup so they respect and enjoy to celebrate the soup festival. Pity a rat because many people thinks it as dirty...They want to kill it because king never forgive the rats! But, it also involved with mouse's world.

I surprised about mouses stay in the holes of buliding but the rats also stay in the underground! The mouses give a warning about don't go deep to the underground.. For them, who is guilty or evil that will catch by the police mouses..They will kick out a mouse into the underground and never return to their world again.. Funny, the police mouses are very scare of a rat! HAHA!

big ears
Cute? he is baby with big ears! I believe that a little mouse will appear as a great big hero! — a wonderful moral for any children’s book. The story he reads is a fairy tale about a sad princess and a brave knight, an adventure that periodically springs to expressive life because Despereaux never heard about 'brave', he visualizes it so we can see it too. That is why he always love to do challenges in his life..

About Despereaux try to fly with used his both ears, it make me remember the Disney: Dumbo Movie since we kids used to watch this movie! It is very cute and funny! XD

The message is honesty, sympathy, courage and forgiveness are the keys to lead you live happily! That is why the human learn their lesson; forgive what others doing their mistake and learn about the positive thinking.. For me, it is very suitable for the children and teenagers! :)

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